Aloïs Bordenave
Second Year

1986 - Born in Dax, France.
1992-1994 - Lived in Nepal.
1995 - Educated and raised in Taiwan. 
2003 - Started Djing.
2004 - Taking painting classes with artist A'sin Lin.
2005 - Admitted to the Shihchien University department of Industrial Design in the hornier of first place.
2006 - Started electronic music creation.
2006-2009 - Residency, and guest DJ of club M.O.S Taipei, Champagne 3, and Ecole café
2007 - The work "Zai" have been exposed in "YODEX 2007"(Taipei, Taiwan)
2008 - Taking chinese calligraphy with artist Jou Yue-Un. 
2009 - Live performance at art festival “La Terrasse du Troc” in Geneva, Swiss.
2009-2011 - Collaboration with international production “ELEFANTEN”, as invited artist & commissioned designer.
2010 - The work "Open it or not" have been exposed in "YODEX 2010"(Taipei, Taiwan), "PARALLEL UNIVERSES"(Kyoto, Japan),  "KOLNER DESIGN PREIS"(Cologne, Germany) And have been nominated for these two competitions, "KOLNER DESIGN PREIS 2010"(Cologne, Germany),"YODEX 2010"(Taipei, Taiwan)
2010 - Touring with Swiss band "Aloan", as worm-up artist.
2010 - Release EP "Unfit" on Revox record. 
2011 - "Unfit" release party.
2011 - Collaboration with "Puremotion" as guest artist. 
2011 - Live at "Luxy the loft" Taipei, Taiwan.
2011 - Collaboration with "Organik" 10 & 11 Taipei, Taiwan.
2011 - Admitted to the Royal College of Art, Design Interaction.

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