James Auger

James recently passed his PhD in the Design Interactions department (Dec 2012). The focus of this study was a three-way investigation into the journey an emerging technology can make: how it does, does not and could become a product. The thesis uses the robot as a vehicle for the study and makes an analogy between how natural organisms can be domesticated and the domestication of technology.
Between March 2002 and Jan 2005 James was a researcher at Media Lab Europe (MLE) in Dublin. exploring the theme of human communication as mediated by technology. After MLE he moved to Tokyo as guest designer at the Miyake Design Studio before returning to London to teach in Design Interactions.
He is a partner in the speculative design practice Auger-Loizeau whose projects have been published and ehibited internationally, including MoMA, New York; 21_21, Tokyo; The Science Museum, London and Ars Electronica, Linz. Their work is in the permanent collection at MoMA.
Before moving into the field of design James completed an Engineering apprenticeship from Rolls-Royce, Derby (aero engines) and worked for several years as a modelmaker and special effects technician for film and advertising.

Why Robot?
Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots