Kathryn Fleming
First Year

Having always been fascinated by the odd, idiosyncratic and absurd I seek to celebrate interactions in daily life. I create plausible narratives that explore the possibilities of speculative relationships between people and other lifeforms. My work seeks to inspire wonder and blur the fine line between the real and imagined.
From America, I grew up in Maryland but moved to Rhode Island for College. There I chose to study Furniture Design because I wanted to learn how to make useful things with my own hands. After graduating, my curiousity moved me to take a job in India. For the next few years I worked for a small furniture manufacturer and retailer designing anything and everything they needed. My experience in India made me interested to see how a bigger well established company designed, manufactured and retailed products on a global scale. I went to work designing sneakers for a large footwear company for the next 5 years. During that time I was able to travel and think while I gained a bigger picture of the impact that product design for mass production and consumption has in the world. Ultimately I chose to come to the RCA and refocus on the interactive opportunities that exist in the world of Design.

Estrous Orchid: A Botanical Investigation