Kristina Cranfield
Second Year

Detention and Removal Grounds

 In 2012, Parliament devolved absolute sovereignty to each county in England, enabling a system of self-governance and laws. The county of Kent experienced a period of severe destitution, as its income was heavily dependent on public finances. The people of Kent unsuccessfully lobbied for re-union, and so fled to other counties. Kent was abandonded and its officials failed to enforce border controls. Masses of refugees and asylum seekers arrived on the shores every week, but they would fail to pass the boundaries of boarding counties, and so remained in Kent. The leaders of Kent devised an initiative, that would see Kent become one of the most lucrative counties in England. Its geographical position, industrial and commercial ideologies made this ambition come true. The scheme involved the creation of a public spectacle, out of the county's detainees, for a television show called - British at Last! Subjects train themselves to demonstrate and convince other counties to vote for them. Contestant detainees securing the most votes, win the right of entry to the voting county, and are granted British Citizenship.


The Future of Mechanical Turk
Gene CHP-48/0Z-378
Manufactured Britishness