Kristina Cranfield
Second Year

The Future of Mechanical Turk

 We live in uncertain times where our lives are filled with constant job dissatisfaction, high staff turnover, rising unemployment and low pensions.
The future of 'Mechanical Turk' has arrived. It is a future where every human action is a short, artificial, ad hoc task bought for a price by powerful institutions.
A future where our every action is a product, where genuine behavior is supeficial, and our landscapes are an emotional artifice.
The Future of Mechanical Turk is a film about a low paid secretary who is also employed by a 'Mechanical Turk' system to perform random micro-tasks throughout her day to make ends meet. 
This film is influenced by a concept originating from Amazon's 'Mechanical Turk'. This scenario represents its future implications, where every fragment of our life can be used and commoditized by large corporate bodies, where we submit to perform meaningless and sometimes dim tasks out of desperation. The film also challenges commercial aggressive methods used by large corporations to maximize profits without any regard to moral values of human worth. 
What if your every action would need to be sold for a living? What are the consequences of such systems? How would you cope?


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