Lukas Franciszkiewicz
First Year


“1:1“ proposes a series of three architectural products situated in remote natural areas like the Amazon rainforest. Depicting a world in which society is free from the dominance of industry, wilderness areas have become icons of the nature conservation movement. Liberated from means of production, individuals now solely strive towards the production of knowledge.
The ObTower is inspired by the idea of protecting nature from the actions of man. The tower structure is designed to have minimal impact on its environment by reducing the living space to a minimum. The Circuform is a round table platform accessible through a circular runway – a temporary place for technocrats to debate and make decisions. The StandTour imagines nature as an endless open-air stadium for the spectacle of gathering knowledge about the natural world. Movable stands provide joyrides for nature enthusiast.
I am fascinated by the ambiguity of scaled models and our ability to read the code of their scale. Especially architectural models are commonly understood in their abstracted and conceptual intention. Unlike real architectural proposals, these objects sit in between idea and product and are neither meant to be scaled up nor to be produced as a product. They are extrapolations of current ideologies or political mind sets that would eventually manifest in artefacts.

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