Lukas Franciszkiewicz
First Year

What If Not

What If Not suggests a set of strategies for adapting to a constantly changing social, technological, and biological environment. Interviews with individuals who occupy in-between spaces in their everyday lives inspire scenarios in which the rules and roles of reality are suspended. The scenarios are expressed as nine-channel film collages in which traditional, linear storylines are stripped down into basic filmic elements, revealing slices of alternative realities that invite viewers to speculate about changing conditions in their own lives.
A night shift security guard takes comfort in silence because it means everything is safe. He modifies his coffee cup with a set of pneumatic pistons that slow the cup's descent to the table, maintaining a complete, controlled silence.
A woman who lives on a boat celebrates the unpredictability of nature by hosting a game of bingo during the full moon, when the tides are at their peak. A bespoke bingo cage whose handle has been replaced with a gyroscope harnesses the waves of the spring tide to generate the turning of the cage.
An ambassador, required to host diplomats at her embassy, commissions the creation of a rug that, through its subtle patterns, helps her position herself and her guests strategically, according to her country's diplomatic needs.
with Lana Z Porter

Lukas Franciszkiewicz
Lana Z Porter

Taste of Light
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