Lana Porter
Second Year

Living Compass

The animal world is defined by its migrations, by going and coming back, by setting out in search of something better. We call it homing, or the ability to navigate to a place of origin, often through unfamiliar territory.
Some animals follow the stars, some use scent or light. Others orient to the Earth's magnetic fields. For us, this sense of direction is not an inherent navigational tool, but a feeling, an ache — a longing not just for a place, or a person, but for a path.
From the simplest forms of life to the most complex, we are all just trying to find our way home.
Homesickness and animal homing instincts are parallel mechanisms for coping with orientation in time and space. For us, the feeling of homesickness is not just a longing for a known past, but for a known path, for a sense of direction as we move forward into the unknown. Living Compass proposes a psycho-geographic journey to search for, collect, and cultivate magnetic bacteria with which to make a living compass.
Photos by Victoria Proffitt


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