Mathias Vef
Second Year

I am an artist and designer based in Berlin and London.

My interest and emphasis is to explore how futures and speculative scenarios feel. I focus my practice on visual atmosphere, tonality and subtle elements that form a subliminal narrative.

Conceptually I am interested in the gap between alluring futures, the promises the new gives – and reality, which is often amplification, loss and fragmentation. Those depict human behavior and identity and reveal traits, that are important to my work.

My work is mainly visual, my tools are graphics, photography and video. I work with collaged and processed static and moving images.

Together with my partner Thorsten Kadel I formed ‘Arsmatho’ in 1998 and showed our work in group and solo exhibitions in Berlin, New York, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and London.

Microbiomic Baptism
Machinic Gender Identity
Functional Clothing
Modified Sports
The Everlasting Race
Your Loop

Mathias Vef/Schwarzrosagold