Nicholas Mortimer
Second Year

My practise brings together cultural studies of media and technology, historical research and theory to explore relations between perceptions of reality, systems of control, and the blurred boundaries of fact and fiction. I am particularly interested in how narratives can be formed to highlight the way in which the media, and technological advancements can shape ideology and inform the design of archetypal human endeavours. Currently, my work combines detailed scenography, multilayered narratives, and speculative fiction to create character studies of individuals in closed systems of their own design, performing cyclical tasks which act as absurdist reflections on current or future issues. The creation of sets and models describe layered worlds with props and scripts that are designed to provide entry points into scenarios, which examine speculative obsessions. A decision to leave interpretation open, but to offer clues and references to past, present and future systems is at the core of the process. Motivated by a desire to portray the consequences of mechanisms or technologies involved in designing subjectivity, rationality and persuasion - which reflect the complexity surrounding how we shape our realities today.

Rumour Regeneration
Sky Mining / Organic Alchemy
The Interpreter
Otium Radio (UmK)
Duty to Act
The Enthusiast

nicholas mortimer